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    We musicians are so passionate about our music making that we frequently forget how physical an activity it is. Making music at any level is a powerful gift. While musicians have endless resources for learning the basics of their instruments and the theory of music, very few books have explored common sense tips on how to play with good posture, ease and skill and at the same time to avoid injury. With alarming frequency, musicians — amateur, student and professional — experience serious and sometimes career-ending injuries. Solitary practice, hectic rehearsal schedules, challenging repertoire, performance pressures, awkward postures, repetition and other physical strains combined are a recipe for disaster. Playing (less) Hurt – An Injury Prevention Guide for Musicians is a resource for musicians and teachers to learn how to avoid injury.

    Musicians are becoming more aware that injury can occur from playing. But hearing injuries are still in the closet and are considered a stigma. Did you know violinists left ear are compromised across the board? Protect your hearing. Life-changing ear injury can occur even without hearing loss.
    Please read my personal account of hyperacusis recently published about a devastating hearing injury: “A Musician Afraid of Sound”

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