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    I’m curious to ask people who have tried beta blockers if anything else is as effective as they are?

    I’ve tried meditation and it seems to help, also positive visualization seems to help. However, I still get pretty worked up sometimes.

    Are there any negatives to taking beta blockers?




    I’ve done a decent bit with both Beta Blockers and meditating.

    If you know how beta blockers affect you, you should know whether or not they’ll help you in an audition setting. For me, they don’t eliminate any mental issues or nerves, but they calm my body down. My shoulders are less tense and my breathing is much easier.

    Right before an audition, I don’t specifically “meditate”. Rather, I just close my eyes (often with that isn’t related to the audition going in headphones) and mentally run myself through my audition visualizing myself playing the way that I want to.

    At the end of the day, you’re going to have your best audition if you’re completely prepared and comfortable with every excerpt/piece. Odds are that if there’s a piece you don’t want them to ask, they’ll ask it. If you’re prepared for everything, your nerves are much less likely to flare up.

    In terms of negatives to beta blockers, I am not aware of any negative side effects caused by the medicine itself, but there is always the chance that you could start to feel like you can’t play at your best without them if you develop a mental dependence. Finally, if you’re going to use them, be sure you try them out before the first time you use them in a performance/audition setting so you know how they affect you and you know how much to use.

    Hope this helps!


    The physical side-effects of beta-blockers have been for me, dry mouth, raised body temperature, and sweating. I also had to experiment, with the guidance of my doctor to find the right dosage. 10 mg caused me to lose my focus. 5 mg was perfect.


    Commenting to revive the thread since I think it’s important! I have used inderal on occasion, although I’ve learned that like mariak, I can’t take much or it gives me major dry mouth. If it’s a very high stress situation then I possibly consider taking them, although I try to not unless I really need to. I usually take 1/4 of a 10mg pill and that seems the best for me. Too much makes me dry, hot, and my lips to dried out/not responsive. So…I try to go without or only with a very small amount if absolutely needed!

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