Jennifer Marotta

Jennifer is currently Assistant Professor of Trumpet at the University of Southern California and is a freelance musician in Los Angeles, California. She is originally from Naperville, IL and she earned her Bachelor of Music degree from Northwestern University and Master of Music degree from DePaul University. Jennifer was a member of “The President’s Own” United States Marine Band from 2001–2005 and she is currently a member of the Grand Teton Music Festival and the Music of the Baroque in Chicago.

Jennifer has performed with the Los Angeles Philharmonic, San Francisco Symphony, St. Louis Symphony, Atlanta Symphony Orchestra, San Diego Symphony, Los Angeles Opera, Los Angeles Chamber Orchestra, L.A. Master Chorale, Atlanta Opera, and Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra.

Ms. Marotta was a visiting trumpet professor at UCLA in 2016, and was Assistant Professor of Trumpet at Kennesaw State University from 2006-2012. She was also a visiting professor at Illinois State University in 2006, and was an Artist in Residence at Emory University from 2006–2010.


While in the midst of my professional career, I worked through an embouchure change that was challenging in many ways. Not only did I have to take many steps backward, which took a few years to completely work through, but I felt isolated as well, as though I had to keep any issues quiet out of fear that it might affect possible future work.

Since this journey, I’ve talked with so many performers who have gone through obstacles and often felt alone in the process. With this forum, I want to create an environment where people can feel safe to ask, share, and support each other!

— Jennifer Marotta